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        周大鵬, 張自友
        (樂山師范學院物理與電子工程學院,四川 樂山 614004)
        摘  要:針對以往永磁同步電機無位置控制方法存在估算精度不高和魯棒性不強的缺陷,提出一種PMSM無位置控制方法。首先,建立PMSM的數學模型,然后設計以電流誤差作為滑模面通過獲取反電動勢實現對轉速和轉子位置估算方法,最后對開關函數進行改進并采用卡爾曼對低通濾波器的輸出進行過濾。系統測試表明:該法能較為準確地對PMSM的轉子位置和速度進行估算,且與傳統PID控制方法相比,具有抗干擾能力強、魯棒性好和響應速度快的優點。
        中圖分類號:TM351;TP301.6;TP391.9;TM930.114     文獻標志碼:A      文章編號:1674-5124(2013)03-0104-04
        Sensorless control of PMSM based on improved sliding mode observer
        and Kalman filter
        ZHOU Da-peng, ZHANG Zi-you
        (College of Physics and Electronic Engineering,Leshan Normal University,Leshan 614004,China)
        Abstract: Due to the poor performance of the estimation accuracy and robustness of the traditional control method for PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor), a sensorless control method was proposed. Firstly, the mathematical model of PMSM was given. Then, the estimating method for the speed and position of the rotor was realized through obtaining the back EMF and taking the current error as the sliding mode surface. Finally, the switch function was improved and the Kalman filter was used to filter the output of the low-pass filter. The system test shows the method suggested in this paper can estimate the speed and position of the rotor, and compared with the traditional PID control method, it has the advantages of strong anti-jamming capability, good robustness and rapid following speed.
        Key words: PMSM; Kalman filter; sliding mode; sensorless